The great Bear’s Wisdom

“The Great Bears Wisdom (complete bear book 10th June 11)

Bear’s Wisdom Includes:-

1 ~ Introspection
2 ~ Healing
3 ~ Solitude
4 ~ Change
5 ~ Communication with Spirit
6 ~ Death and rebirth
7 ~ Transformation
8 ~ Astral travel
9 ~ Wisdom
10 ~ Pondering
11 ~ To Greet Another Day
12 ~ To Walk Alone
13 ~ A walk with the Great Bear
14 ~ A Discovery
15 ~ Just Being Aware
16 ~ To Be At One With Yourself
17 ~ Just Flying
18 ~ The Eagle’s Eyes
19 ~ Soul Mates
20 ~ Moving Times
21 ~ The Feelings
22 ~ I Hold You
23 ~ A Beginning
Message from The Great Bear

“Other stories and feelings written as they come through from the journey’s of the Great Spirit Bear”


The Great Bear lifted his head and gazed at the vast space that dwelt within.
This time he felt that he would walk alone, that was a mistake as to really walk alone he became aware of nothing.
Nothing clung to him like a bad odour, feeding off of his own self that could not cope with the space, left by the contact with others.
It hurt him, oh how it hurt, to not feel the presence of other beings on his soul.
It was good to be able to feel this way, and experience the utter desolation that pervaded even to his projected limits.
To be able to feel this and still know that it was self inflicted as a choice to experience, made it easier for him to feel.

Wait he thought, what of those who felt this way and could not know of an end to this state of being.

He shuddered to his very soul; it was without a doubt the end of all things, to truly walk alone.
Here he was being so stupid, as to think that he could even want to experience being alone.
This let him realise that it was not good to dwell on such bleak things.
I will talk of a light that comes from the soul he thought.
There was a light that pushed out from his very being it was as a guide and it was steady.
There it was the very heart of him, glowing as it had for all his days, with the memories of others attached to its glow, bringing love to his very inner self.
There was no way that he could walk alone in this existence, as for all time there he was, and someone. It pleased him to feel so, and the two states were like chalk is to cheese in their separation.
This someone whom he could lean on in harder days, the same someone he could ask the earth of, and know it would be given.
Not always though, that he could see how it had been given, at the time, but usually if he asked for the earth. It would make him realise that he had it already. It would open his eyes with the knowing, even sometimes a little later.
Then his someone would show him the way.
The Great Bear thought on the things that he had learned from these two states.
Then with his usual inward smile, agreed with his own soul, that to be with someone in the light was the only place to be.
He turned and walked toward the rising sun.

Part 2 ~ Healing

The great Bear wondered at the questions that bothered the minds of us as we traveled on.
What of healing and its energy, was one of the thoughts that abounded throughout the realm.
He captured the thought and with his memories quietly related the ways of old when in spirit form.
As healing was a self process that in spirit was a learning that was attained by all as they reached for the higher levels.
The spirit had to be healed of all the misgivings and lack of trust and many impurities that held it at certain levels of being.
This in spirit was the accumulation of life experiences and spiritual realisations, as the spirit became older and moved through the levels of awareness.
The light of completion would be the goal, and the journey much lighter on the spirit, as it became complete.
We are unaware of these things until our time here is over, and our spiritual journey resumes in its proper form.
Now to the healing of our life form as we make this earthly journey, this is very different and the energies used can come to us in many forms.
The great Bear smiled, as he did, in the thoughts of our struggle to come to grips with the things that afflicted us on our pathway here, in this short journey we called life.
There are several things to take into account he thought, there are many lessons that come to us as we journey along, and many of them in both receiving, and giving.
Take the form of the sicknesses of our earthly form. The final one is the passing over from this life, as we are, to the spirit level.
This he pondered was one of the most true lessons that there was to have, as it portrayed to all an end to a period, and the passing over to the spirit realm in the instance of time
To the one passing over, it can be a feeling of all things from surprise to fear, and of acceptance, and in a lot of cases a relief from the final struggle with this earthly journey.
Even then the great bear thought there was a struggle of the acceptance of moving from one state to another.
The time although instant in most cases seemed to be a little of the eternity we hold so dear in spirit terms. Now he thought to the healing here of others, and the healing accepted as we journey on.

We must learn that to be ill, or out of step as it were with the normal daily things, will be to most people a burden, but here we can learn of the people around us, and how they treat their companions.

Also we can learn that within our own thoughts and ways, of how we ourselves have learned of how to accept, that things can be done by others for each of us, without the need for reward.

As these things are done as one to another in love of all things, namely one spirit to another, with just the thought that you need something, and there are many that give on this level without having to have a reason.

These people that give without thinking of other things are the richest people in spirit, and are sometimes in our earthly form can be called Angels by us here, this may be true, as their reward is not thought of as they journey on, but they are of a level that to do so is natural to their spirit.

To send out healing from one person across the miles to a stranger may seem to many of us a strange thing to do, but as all things, the thought that we send will be there as you send it.

The awareness of being a part of something purely for the purpose of healing is all that is needed; the door is open for the energy to flow.

Contact for healing is not necessary and usually is more appreciated by the person receiving it, there are various levels that healing appears on and is according to the level of the spirit that is giving it.

Heed to the wisdom held within your own spirit as you journey on, never underestimate the things you are capable of, for you can give to others an endless energy by the focus of your spirit in truth and love of all things.

Then go with those you meet and talk with, and those you are aware of and do these things with love, and an understanding that it is to the good of others that we strive for on this our journeys.

If all creatures were to do this in life and in spirit form, then the final joining would take place and perfection would be everything.

To seek a reason for healing achieves nothing, just be, and do, then all things will be within the light, but make sure that you remember that you need to be healed also.

The Great Bear, turned and returned to his ways to think of other things.

Part 3 ~ Solitude

The Great Bear felt to be alone within himself, to enjoy his own being. The light came into his eyes from within that he could now see the real reason for the ways of the universe.

The light crowded his mind so that it ached to be free and wander Then the realisation that it was the spirit that was with the light that made the inner journey begin.

The spirit became a neutral being in that it held no ground but purity with its energy, where it flew on into the now, taking with it the reason of being forever.

To feel around in such a gentle way was a new beginning to the journey that reached out to perfection.

The great Bear shook his mighty head as if to clear his mind but to no avail, as his mind was with the spirit.

To look within my own ways, and see the light there; was a lifetime in its being.

Where all things were in balance with the spirit and the beginning of the joining was about the frame.

It is confusing even to the Great Bear, as he balanced the things that had passed in his ways, with the things that were to be reckoned with forever.

How to be in spirit within himself, and to conceive the troubles of the physical form, where the spirit was forever.

This seemed in itself a task that a mere being was not capable. What am I doing to be so? in looking he felt the vastness of spirit.

It is to find my purpose, and where to look was the feeling that pulsed within his ways.

“Find me” it cried in a gentle voice within his soul.
Find me and be at peace with all you do from this now.

The Great Bear cleared his mind of all things, and found there in the silence of a beginning, was a spirit so strong that it could build the universe by just thinking of its creation.

What of now it came to him in gentle waves? What of now?

That we try to manage things; that are sometimes, to obscure to the mind to be real, in that they are a task; that only the Angels would take on.

In his solitude the Bear could learn of all things and be true to himself.

Part 4 ~ Change

The Great Bear reflected on the changes gone through during the Earthly journey.

Starting out with the purity of Spirit and the unconditional love for everything; seen or heard.

There seemed to be a question there, as to a reaction within a new young traveller, wherever there was a being in a physical form, bringing with it a reason of fear of some things.

It he mused, was the fleeting memories reflecting the before times and the ability to still commune with the Spirit world.

Maybe he smiled “that was why as you grew very old, you became as a child”. The memories of the Spirit World most times fade and become dormant as he reflected they might cause a conflict.

Most of the children have a Spirit friend in the early years who, becomes less of an influence as they join the world of many emotions and material dreams.

The Great Bear smiled as he did when he made light of a futile gesture.

The eternity of material things as a shadow cast by the setting sun large but lasting but a fleeting moment.
The Great bear remembered the youth both girl and boy, confusion in learning and racing to reach a goal that for most could only be a dream.

It is good he reflected that most of the young as they journeyed would not rebel but would let themselves find their own level in attainment.

The enforced Spiritual side in youth in these days is mostly forgotten.
Long gone are the days of reciting endless words that lost their meaning over the ages.

The Great bear would smile as a youth struggled to come to grips with reality amongst his or her daily thoughts.
This youthful age seemed to go on forever, if only they knew he thought that these were glorious days.

Of later days the Great Bear had many views, as their variety was infinity itself. To settle down, to use the learning, that increased the material things around you.
They are mine you could feel them cry. They are mine!

This is the time of change and when harsh lessons are learnt, no longer is there someone to hold you, or be held by.
It’s as if a loneliness creeps in, where the things you are to do are yours alone.
To walk in truth and knowledge and an understanding of your own Spirit, seems to be a continuous battle. Some people find this journey a good time whilst the others flounder about.

To find your Spirit at an early age is a blessing, it guides you through all things, good or otherwise.

Trials of life can be accepted knowing that if only good, and love is given, then the pathway will seem lighter.

The Great bear could only feel a profound deepness for those that had hard lessons to learn, and had not found their own true self.
It is a shame he felt that the finding of one’s own being seemed so hard and that they had not been taught to do so.

The Great bear did not dwell on the changes within the middle times, but carried on to look at the aged, who shuffled about the Earth in all guises of human frailty.

Some of the bodies that had become so frail, that it became a hard journey, as they were lost in the chasms of their own doing.
Had they grasped the reasons for their being and nurtured their own Spirit they would walk in perfection.

The Great Bear’s eyes clouded and he seemed to cry, as if in acknowledging that so many Spirits become bogged down in their hurry to find fault outside of their being.
The Great Bear was joyous of seeing the few who could have walked with him if only they could be in both places at one time, as he was.

The final changes, the Great Bear pondered, was in reality a beautiful thing to behold.

Where the releasing of the true Spirit that once again would take its rightful place within its own heaven, to be once again pure and to be more, wise.

To join the continuous cycle of reaching for the purest form, that would be Alpha and Omega.
The Great Bear could only bow his mighty head, and let the tears of his acceptance, roll slowly down his face.
He would be forever in awe of this his World.

Part 5 ~ Communication With Spirit

The Great bear spent many an hour with his Indian friend talking as they did without our cumbersome words; images flowed between the two Spiritual friends. however friendship was not a point, a continuous love of each other’s Spirit held them both above the realms of friendship.

This was their way, and as we here use words to communicate they used the universal language of Spirit-to-Spirit flow.
The Great Bear talked of the way the Earth people on their journey would communicate with the spirit world.

In the young, as they had not been away from the Spirit world for any length of time, talking to spirit was easier, and acceptance of spirit was easier and they had little memory of how they did it, or why. It was a part of their spirit still touching the spirit world.

At this time the young ones could just chatter to the spirit world, with little realisation of the beautiful thing they were doing.

The growing years would gradually move their thoughts onto earthly things and the communication would flicker as a candle being caught in a draft.

Some of the young ones the Great Bear reflected to his friend would hold the link with the spirit world always, as if they had access to a secret garden.

The Indian smiled at his friend, smiled and recalled that as a guide; sometimes he would have to draw very near to his earthly companion to make things clearer.

He laughed as he realised that the Great Bear, as a teacher, to be an earth guide was a thing that he no longer did, but as was his way within the scheme of things, he belonged, and was a part of all things.

The Great Bear told of the need for training and teaching, that would be needed to keep the young in contact with the spirit world, or as near to it as possible.
As he knew that the journey they were doing on the earth plain still had to be completed and the tasks carried out, as this was the way to the perfection all strove for.

The Great Bear talked of the communicators as they journeyed on the earth plain, even with their open skills of being able to communicate freely, they still had to carry on with the life tasks and some, would even question, “Why me”?
“Why do I have to go through so much trouble, when I am closer to spirit than most of my travelling companions.”
The Great Bear put on a kind of knowing smile and just said that the reward for the deed was great.
They also had to progress to the higher levels, not often would the higher level spirit forms return, most would become part of a group spirit where the single learning was part of the whole, here sometimes there would be a little problem of being in two places at the same time.

By belonging to a group, and being on the earth plain with the use of communication.
It would sometimes feel as if you were two persons. If the link to their previous position was so very apparent, then it would be a kind of perfection, but as the Great Bear said it was a time for learning to be on the earth plain and the perfection was a step away.

Perfection would eclipse the light of a thousand suns and is celebrated throughout the spirit world.

The Great Bears companion related that he was what the earth beings would call lucky, that the Great Bears level of being was usually above their recall, at this the Great Bear laughed and said to him “I am but a thought away”.

It is sad he said, but we can only hope that the flow between the earth plain and the spirit world becomes better and more free
The Great bears companion became as a fleeting mirage made of crystals and rainbows, and bidding his great friend love as was eternal, he thanked him for the brief encounter, fading into the vastness of the spirit world.

As if not to be outdone by his companion the Great Bear shimmered pure love and eternal beauty, as he expanded into the spirit realms once again, leaving behind the eternal message of “I am but a thought away”.

Part 6 ~ Death and Rebirth

The Great Bear rested alone in the forest, a place, though not needed to his spirit, it was where he could always wrap himself in beauty and peace.

He would enjoy the trees where the light played hide and seek all day, as the leaves sailed with the gentle breezes. It was a world that as he thought of it, would be there to enhance his thoughts, part of the earth plain he loved so much.

A place of long gone memories, constructed from the ages of being, and ages of changing from one state to another as he journey toward perfection.

Now all the Great Bear had to do was to hold a thought to have peace within his ways, and memories of bygone days that would make the rest, as if a film set, but made up of perfection.

A leaf that fell through his vision held his attention, as it had in its present state become detached from the great tree that had given it birth. In this state, to those that walked the earth plain, they would deem it dead.
The Great Bear smiled, as he perceived their absolutes.

One is born, then one lives, then one dies, and the death is the simple end to their thoughts on the ways of things.

The Great Bear reflected on the true state of being.
Where the trials of human life, as it is perceived by those that know of only an end to all things was just a life.
The Great Bear’s true state, as he had been for so long a time, a spirit being.
In having reached out so many times, to complete the cycle of living and learning, smiled at that thought.
He had now become a true spirit of the higher levels, choosing at this time to be a Great Bear, in recalling things, and journeying on through his own ways, talking of the ways of our own journeys here on the earth plain.

The Great Bear even in this present state of being was still learning and seeking the absolute perfection.

He could now recall, as the leaf fell through his field of vision, that each death was just a change of state, for a being that had walked the earth.

As death, as the human cycle calls it, changes the state of existence on the earth plain to the eternal existence of the spirit world. It can be a great shock to realise that a door has opened and there you are bare of all things material things.

The Great Bear had to smile as it was a strange thing to perceive, let alone explain a state that is pure, where you are once again totally responsible for sorting out your spiritual being, then to realise the wisdom gained by the visit to the earth plain.

Judgment day the Great Bear smiled as it jogged a memory of what was a spiritually youthful worry.

The thought to be judged by one’s peers; ”NO” this was not the case, it was not needed he thought, as this was the real spirit world, where you and you alone were responsible for your own spiritual being.

To judge the things you had done, so that the continuation of your being could be steered toward the perfection we all strive for.

Death is but a return to spirit, where you will then be in love and truth of all things.

It is then that to find a space in the things you have already learned, or a piece of knowledge missing, that a return to the earth plain may be needed.

This continuous reaching out for all things is the road to perfection, and that time in spirit, has no grip on beings, as it does here on the earth plain, then the journeys are but a thought away.

The Great Bear thought of his Indian companion and there he was walking toward him “Greetings my friend he smiled”. “Do you wish me to make a point within those thoughts of yours,?”

He laughed. As you are aware of all my ways as a guide to those that take the journey to learn, then you know old one that I am with them throughout their journey on the earth plain for as long as they are there.

To me, choosing to be a Spirit Guide is but a moment in time, and as you know time is only that space we conceive it to be.
To be born on the earth plain, is to many as a golden path where all things can be learnt of.

The memory fades for them as they return to face the material pathway.
It is hard, if only they were more aware that our help and guidance is but a thought away.

The Great Bear walked with his friend to the edge of the forest, which flowed in their way of moving.

There before them was their joining of the Spirit world with the Earth plain. There sailing overhead as always, with the eyes that see all, was the Great Eagle.
Another of his companions.

He called to them across the splendour, “Love to you my fellow travellers, may you have the things you need, and the eternal love to you and all things”

The Great Bear reached out with love, touching the Eagle as he did his Indian friend.
They journeyed on.

Part 7 ~ Transformation

The Great Bear shimmered, as the heat of the day on the desert road, not seeming to be able to grip a form of being himself.
It is nearly time he thought, that to return from this earthly journey, to become one with his group of beings, that we deem to call spirit forms.

To once again become part of the higher life he thought that most can only dream of, for as we journey on this earth plain theses things are hidden from us as it would cause a quandary as to where the true being was.
The Great Bear stabilised and called to his Eagle friend, talk with me oh wanderer of the skies, talk to me of what you are and how we are so different but the same.

The great bird closed its wings and settled on a small rock next to the Great Bear, what are we to talk of today oh great one, he asked, that those that walk the earth may be more enlightened.
I was letting my thoughts fly with the way we change over all the times of our travel he said. How we are moved from one state to the next in a twinkling of an eye.
Not my eyes old wise one, the eagle said, as you know they can see far more things than most.
” Why are you in the form of an eagle”, the Great Bear asked, and for me to appear to walk as the Earth children do.
What a question that you know the answer to, the great Eagle screamed at him, for appearing to be forgetful of his state and the reason for being so.

We choose to be as we are, you know that old great one, for you it is but a thought to be a bear, that wanders amongst those that walk the earth, learning of their ways and watching over the things that they do.

For me the same, I choose to fly with the wind as a thought that I am able to see all things as you do, it is but a choice. It is a progressive thing that as we both know the more we become aware of our own being.

The nearer to that beautiful state of perfection we become, the easier it is for us to change from one state to the next.

To those that are on the lower levels of being it is harder for them to change from one state to the next, as their memory of being is not clear in their thoughts, or is hidden from them.
This is so that they can carry out the tasks that they themselves have chosen for the enrichment of their spirit forms.
It is hard to talk of these things as they are but a change that we can pass through so easily.

The ones that choose to walk on the earth plain in the infancy of their learning it is very hard indeed, without the knowledge of all the things that they themselves have asked to be tested with.
To walk on the earth plain and learn the lessons of a spiritual being is one of the hardest things that we are asked to do, but it is the only way that they can progress and move on to the higher levels of being.
On reflection the Great Bear said, it was a long time ago as yesterday, the things I had to learn that were hidden from me were many, but as you know my friend it was a beautiful pathway we walked, to arrive here where we are now.
The Eagle rose up, with its wings flowing with its thoughts across the heavens, the Great Bear smiled and sent his love to the great bird as he received the love of his friend, have we told enough of our changes to those that have to journey on, he cried.

There is never enough knowledge of what is expected of us the Great Bear replied as he moved across the land, to watch some more.

Part 8 ~ Astral Travel

The Great Bear had walked slowly out into the open fields, where he enjoyed walking, as in his spirit form there really was no need for him to hug the earth.

There in the distance the young Indian stood. The Great Bear joined him in the flicker of an eye and covered both of them with the love of all things.

Times of changes are coming they agreed with each other, as they both blended, sending out their thoughts to the Great Eagle, and there it was, closing its shimmering wings about the two with the same eternal love of all things.

It is good to move so, the Great Bear seemed to whisper, it is so easy for us of this spirit realm, to move in an instant of time, with no disturbance to those around.
“The creatures on the earth plain have seemingly forgotten how this is so”.

The Great Eagle whispered, “It is a fear they have old great one, it is a fear that they will float forever away from their clinging form.
If only they would trust the things they see, but it is a memory problem that troubles their souls”.
Listen to their thoughts of “How can I leave this body and travel as a spirit being, without coming to harm”.

The Great Bear said in softer tones, “It is the way of many that can only experience the journey across this astral plain but once, then to snap back liken to being held by an elastic band, as the fear of not being in their earthly bodies takes over”.

The Great Bear smiled, “If only they knew or could learn again, then they could become more involved with the way of things, even with their limitations”.

The young Indian laughed saying, “As I use to journey on the earth plain, with all our knowledge of the spirit world as we did, it seems a contradiction of beliefs to be so spiritual and not be aware of how to travel in these ways.
The elders had a few things to answer for though, as most of them were aware of all these things.
“A lesson to be taught and learned of” The Great Bear said to them.

“It is us in our travels that would make the earth plain dwellers open their eye’s” He said, as he took his two friends to the top of a plateaux,

There as you my eagle friend said, being aware and feeling more at one with all things, in this part of the world, as I do deep within the forest of my own being.
They all stood once again at the edge of the forest as the Great Bear spoke.

The young Indian Laughed and said “That was a lovely short trip old one, it is our way now, if only they could open their minds to moving this way.”

There are many things to do my wonderful friends, the great Eagle thought as he shimmered into the glow of the sunshine, giving out love that seemed to patter as a light rain on and about them,
“Farewell my fine friends, we will be as one again soon”.
The Great Bear and his Indian friend sent out love, as if to hold him up in the heavens he loved.
It is time to journey on the Great Bear smiled to the young Indian.
“Time what is that old Great one”, he teased, “Is that not what we always perceive as now”.
The Great Bear rainbowed his thoughts to the young Indian, as he sometimes played.

“Travel with love young one” he gently pushed out, as they divided their ways, in a shower of diamond like dew.

A great peace descended on the great bear as he sought the confines of the forest, that had been made for him by his ways, where to move felt restful to his spirit, where he could once again send out his eternal love to others, that they may feel it and learn………

Part 9 ~ Wisdom

The young Indian sat in the shadow of a rock high above his favourite valley.
He would spend many a time here rolling his thoughts into a level field where things such as life could be played out.
It came to him that the wisdom, he had within his spirit, had grown with each visit among the people of the earth plain.
He was aware that to listen to his spirit friends about the true ways of things, in that their wisdom, helped and it saved so much to be able to learn from them.

Wisdom he thought was the ability to recall an event and then to advise or act in a way that made the whole event a perfect item.

Imperfection he recalled, it was usually where the end product of anyone or thing, that had not used the wisdom of the years, was not really as it should be.

To go through the times of visiting the earth plain and of the numerous feelings within the spirit world, without using the wisdom of others, would make the journey seem endless and without form.

The young Indian thought that as the Great Bear would say, there is not enough of eternity to learn all the mistakes a person or spirit can make,
The Great Bear was there with him as he thought, and the feeling of love and understanding brought joy to his very being as they joined.
A oneness of eternity brought a calming love to their beings, and without changing their identities gave both of them a feeling of wholeness.

“I know you did not call me the Great Bear whispered, but as we know it is not needed that you should call my name for me to be with you”.
They both glowed and agreed to throw out the feeling of fun and love to all, also with a purpose of finding their other friend the Eagle.
Before the thought had fully formed there was a feeling of being wrapped in the softest velvet cloak as the Great Eagles wings held them as a mother would hold her child, with unconditional love.

The Great Bear agreed with the young Indian about the use of wisdom and how it would make some journeys so short, by portraying the effect of many situations, without having to endure the whole thing.

We all have great journeys to make, no matter how far along the path to perfection we are, therefore we must try as we go, to make the journey of others as beautiful as is possible, and where we can, we must leave the solutions to each problem that we know of for them to see.
This does not mean that they can avoid the way of learning.
If given a good reason for the lesson, and the product of the learning, then the completion of the path to eternal perfection would be a joy to their ways.

The young Indian travelled on to his own perfection, bidding farewell to his friends, with the love of all things, his Eagle friend felt the air lift him to carry on with his ways.

The Great Bear, felt the forest glow wrap around him, as his friends whispered that they would continue their journey’s and would as always be there with him on his pathway.
Feeling the leaves touching him as he carried on, he likened it to the many spirit thoughts that called him each day from the earth plain, and the spirit world.

The warm glow of the forest reminded him of the glow of love that filled the everything, the everything that was eternity. It is good, ran through his ways, it is so good.

Part 10 ~ Pondering

The bear raised his mighty head and felt the world around him
What was it like today he pondered?
What things were going to be there, where he walked?
He thought, it is strange that there is a path, and I am still amazed each day at the happenings along the way.
There are beautiful things for me to see he pondered that as each step was placed on the pathway of life, it became forever then the joy sprang into his mind, that as he placed his foot forward, there would always be a place of beauty to see.
Then he pondered, as to how some of the days, and steps along this path, could ever be awful for people to walk.
This is strange; to be able to sort out, why such as he could feel such beauty and joy at each step, when some of them around him were finding problems.
That was the problem in its own way, that they were finding problems, when there was only now to be content with.
It is a beautiful thing to live in the now, with the knowledge and belief that from now, you were there to be.
Then to accept that each now was unique in its own way.
You are responsible for all your now’s, and the way you perceive yourself in your own now, is how others will perceive you.
The great bear thought for a while on what to do, to bring all things into view where they brought joy to all around.
He knew that to be in perfection with your surroundings, and to live in that way was for him to do.

The others around could only learn from him, and pass on the joy of being, as they were observed on the path of life.
He shook his great head and laughed within his soul, for he was happy to have the way made brighter for him, and to be now again.

Part 11 ~ To Greet Another Day

The Great Bear lifted his head towards the light in the sky,
which heralded the new dawn.
What of yesterday he thought “Yes” what of yesterday?
Did I walk in the light of those days gone by?
Did I give my fellow spirits things that did make light of their journey?

It was for me to be aware of those things now past.
That if they had been carried out only in love.
Then my soul would be that much lighter for doing so.
To dwell on things past, but for a moment.

To realise that whatever I did for good, or otherwise could be used as a tool.
This was a way of helping others and me, in our now journey.
The great Bear thought on things, things that others might do, to use yesterday in the now.

A shout from yesterday that bode no good to anyone.
Could be used to free the quiet words of understanding of oneself.
A tear of frustration pulled from the eyes of not understanding.
Could be used to dampen the lips of fear.
So that they may feel the truth.

The look of scorn, which most times is given without thought.
Could open the eyes to see the way ahead, there to see the light.
The Great Bear knew that in his tomorrow, as was his now.
He had gained a love, on how to use, and change things.
He greeted the dawn of a new day with a great store of knowledge.
Which as you, he had learnt from others, and his before times.
He moved quickly forward into the light.
As if to let the light shine on his ways faster, than if he had waited.

Part 12 ~ To Walk Alone

The great bear lifted his head and looked inward to his very being.
This time he felt that he would walk alone, that was a mistake as to really walk alone, as he became aware of nothing.
Nothing clung to him like a bad odour, feeding off of his own self that could not cope with the space left by the contact with others.

It hurts me, oh how it hurts, he thought, to not feel the presence of other beings on my soul.
It was good to be able to feel this way, and experience the utter desolation that pervaded even to his projected limits.
To be able to feel this and still know that it was self-inflicted as a choice, to experience, made it easier for him to feel.
Wait he thought, what of those that felt this way and could not know of an end to this state of being.
The great bear shuddered to his very soul; it was without a doubt the end of all things, to truly walk alone.
Here he was being so stupid, as to think that he could even want to experience being alone.

Then there was a light that pushed out from his very being, it was as a guide and it was steady.
There it was the very heart of him glowing as it had for all his days, with memories of others attached to its glow, bringing love to his very inner self.

There was no way that he could walk alone in this existence, as for all time there he was, then someone.
A someone that he could lean on in harder days.
Someone he would ask the earth of, and know it would be given.

Not always though, that he could see how it had been given, at the time. But usually if he asked for the earth, it would make him realise that he had it already, and it was to open his eyes at sometime.
Then that someone would show him the way.

The great bear realised that it is better to travel life’s journey as he did, with the contact of others than to walk alone.
The coldness he had felt left him, and he was happy to just be, even the sounds of those around him seemed to be more beautiful.

Part 13 ~ A walk with the Great Bear

The great bear lifted his head and walked into the field.
There he mused was a quandary, is this really here or has it never been or is it infinity.

Then using his senses he became aware of first his body, a form that held a place in this open area.
Was this real! then from the input of his feelings that told him there was something under his great feet, and the fact that there was a movement of air around him, that he not only felt, but sensed with his taste and smell but with his inner self, then he decided that something did exist there where he was.

Was it me the bear that existed here in this open plain was it me.
If so what part of me was there that said so, and where was Me.
The great bear pondered, then the strange awareness that he knew which had come to him everyday that he could remember.

With it came a silence within his great frame, as there came to him the real being he was, there was he, it, the bear thing, that was affected by all around him, then there was, what he was and always used to really be.

There deep inside yet held out around his form was something to really ponder, something to really feel, something so big that his massive frame seemed to shrink with the thought of something, so powerful yet calm.
With a beauty that held his thoughts in awe for more than several lifetimes in its own way.

I have found me he pondered, this is the real me held with a light that ran in all directions with colours that made him pant, with their peaceful picture of the life source he had learned to love.

He lifted his great head and sent out a rainbow of love to his friend and fellow traveller the Eagle that flew free in the heavens above, that seemed to scream with laughter at the great loveable creature, just to feel that he was aware of what he was.

Part 14 ~ A Discovery

The bear lifted his mighty head and glanced toward the forest.
Today he would journey on through the trees and glades, thinking of life and of things that would come to him.

As the trees closed around his form, he reflected on the strength and comfort he felt as a young spirit.
When he was held in the arms of the loved ones he knew so well.

Here he paused to reflect on the meanings of being held as if in the mother’s womb.
There the comfort was absolute, and although the memory had faded, it was as if he could still feel that energy which held him, with love for all those days of becoming.

Brushing aside the undergrowth, he carried on into the clearing that he had enjoyed for always his own space where all things belonged to him.
In their simplicity and beauty nuzzling the grass, that held the patterns of his ways in a delicate green, knowing that there was a path on his way.

Although so delicate it would still hold a record of his passing by also it would surrender softness under his way, which became a feeling of growth and love nudging the trees that surrounded the clearing, he felt the giving strength of them, as they held him for a moment.
Then they released him in a swinging way, as if to bow to his superior strength.
This was not so he knew, as their strength, if they were to bind together would surpass his, and hold him forever.
Playing with this strength he moved slowly away and deeper into the forest, as if becoming a part of the forest and its ways.
The air seemed to slow and move, as it wanted to, singing as it played with the trees around.
The Great Bear lifted his head and breathed in the air as it wandered around finding that there was a record of the ages of the forest, held within its essence, which to him was eternal as all things there was.

The perfumes here were of the beginning, and the end, of this his place for always.
Moving toward the great trees he felt a little meek in his ways, as they were the mother and father of his domain.
They gave the life he had, a substance and a meaning in that they reached around and felt all things without taking or needing of him.
They would always give, even in their demise; they gave life to the smallest creature and life forms that prevailed in this domain.
Holding such beauty in the changes from one form to another, in the altering states of all things, as nothing remains the same as life’s journey goes on.
Here the trees in their climb for the sun; would in their lives not support so many things.
It was as they lived in the throes of death, that they gave nourishment to all others.

The bear looked up to the sky, and sent eternal love to the tops of the trees and beyond.
Where the birds climbed the wing beaten steps to the clouds, and he marvelled at the form of the air in its colour, and the texture that changed as time was given to all things.

Time or was it that even the air had to journey on making its life and giving things sometimes changing things for ever.
Sometimes caressing the life forms around, and at other times changing their forms as it hurried on its own journey
What of the master plan he asked, as he thought of the progress of all things, as they were of the eternal energy.
“What of me have I not been, and am I not now a part of the whole?
The Great Bear shifted with a little unease at finding that his journey below in his beloved domain was as the winds journey, and that of all things that used the universal energy.
He seemed to shiver a little in the knowledge that he belonged to everything and was the same, then a broad smiling thought came over his frame and found him complete, in that in his love of himself he loved everything. c

Part 15 ~ Just Being Aware

The great bear lifted his wise old head and proceeded to walk across the flower strewn meadow towards the stream that meandered through its lower reaches.

There he looked both left and right.

To the left he could see the break in the low hills that gave the stream its release from the land, where it went to meet the sea in all its being;

To the right there in the distance were the hills that gave birth to the stream.
This is where I shall go he thought and moved as if by his thinking to the distant hills; there he found the source of the stream.
Where the earth had gathered up the gentle rains within its soul, then gave birth.
Where a mighty rock was split in two dancing with joy it seemed, it was there that the water rushed out to be with the air, and wander the earth to gain a knowledge of being.
The Great Bear seemed to dwell on the birth of the stream as if it captured his own beginning within his maker, where having relied on being safe within for what seemed a dream.
Then released into the air as a child turning he followed the dancing water, as it grew, spilling over the stones as if to caress the very secrets of their ageless time.
The Great Bear could only smile as it was, as he did when young, dancing with life, catching at things that past so quickly into a memory, a memory of laughter and love held within its parents arms as the stream was held by its banks.
The stream seemed to dwell with the new ways for a while, catching at things, as it raced to the plains below.
The bear knew that there, it would grow slowly gaining knowledge of what to do with all the energy it had. The bear knew also that he could now move with ease, whilst he watched the things, that the stream, did to all around.
Growth in the waters, and the knowledge grown from all the things past over, seemed to be a monument to its life, now in this time a life for all things around.

The bear grew thirsty for knowledge, and drank of the wisdom held in the waters, seeing all things held with such grace, with a strength, held as if by the joining of the spirits, as only water can hold.

There the waters made the middle times of its journey, becoming a river, where time seemed to be as big as the Great Plains it had to cross.
There was no hurry to run on to the other side, there was just a graceful stroll through the fields of its life.

Joining in with everything around it, giving life to others as they moved slowly by. It was hard to see if it was the river that flowed, or the earth that held it.

Now was the time the Great Bear thought, to become something and think of all things that would be of substance to his life.
Where there were no drawn boundaries, a place to live, as he wanted.
A place to grow inside to make things that would enhance his being.
Within the limits of his own ways, yet with the thought that his ways could be better.
The Great Bear walked with the flow of the river and felt the life there, with its spirit and wisdom.
Continually being added to, it was a good time to be, although this is sometimes hidden from view, eddies and flows of the water of life, holding then letting go all the things it touched.

As all life things the river could not keep the things that it touched, to gain from them then hold them, then let them go as life itself.
To lose even parts of its self to other thing’s, would only be a passing thing as the source of life held inside would adapt and carry on.

The bear dwelt for what seemed an age, on the middle life, as it was the most varied and outcomes were many, it also held the secret of the soul.

The secret of the soul; determined; by the values put on things, and then acted on by each spirit force.
Where the real physical being; realised that although it had become complete, that the spirit or soul was the real force behind all things.

He thought of the river, and how the banks held it, the fish and creatures lived in it and it fed the land, but it was the water that was the real river. From the source to where it was and to its ultimate being it was the water that held the soul.

The great bear paused in his ways, at something so profound as knowing what was a soul or spirit, of just one thing in his world.

To reflect on his own being, was his next thought, it seemed to him that the more complex the creature, the harder it became to find its true life force or soul?

The Great Bear looked to the end of the plain where the river made its way through the break in the hills onto the beach.
Was it a sadness that came to him or a joy that the reason for being was to reach out and embrace the sea.
Here the river seemed to pause and spread out its being, as if to display all the things it had learned and all things of value gained for its life’s journey as a being.
The bear was a little amused at the quandary it had perceived where the river was about to change state.
The river was being cleansed as its waters spread across the sand all things clinging to it were sorted and held in their own state.
A piece of wood that had been held for a while, and cherished as it gave the history of the years was left there on the sand to continue its own journey.

All the things that the water held were let go one by one, as they were accounted for at this the end of a being called a river.
The water that became as it was at its source reached out and joined the great Ocean, although it was now part of a greater being of like substance, it in its minutest way was still the same.
The great bear smiled as he walked across the beach, leaving no footprints to portray that a physical being had passed that way.

The Eagle laughed to see that the bear even looked around to see nothing there.

Part 16 ~ To Be At One With Yourself

The Great Bear lifted his great head.
He sniffed in the fragrance of the life force around him.
He was so happy with the life span he had, where it would take him through the good things, some of which were missed in former times.

His friend said to him, “that to only experience the hard time’s, was not the ways of the true spirit?”
There were lives on the earth plain; that would be filled with the love of the angels.

It was to show the spirit that at times, there were not hard lessons to learn but sometimes a reward, for all things, done in past days.
The Great Bear lifted his head to his friend, and felt content to just be.

His Indian friend laughed at the whole thing, as he always knew that the continuance of the spirit was eternal, that all things here would need to be endured or embraced was the scheme of things.

Even the laughter of the children at play, would teach us, by their actions, to be so many things, in the simplest of ways, the pain that laughter sometimes brings, also has to be endured.

The Indian and the Great Bear talked for many hours, they would need to talk of all things as they journeyed on as they were part of the energy that all things lived by.
Even at the level of being they where, there as always, where times when lessons had to be learnt.
Even from the vision of a blind man, comes the clarity of a cool morning.
The learning of one being from another; is a process of enhancing the spirit to its higher levels.
If in spirit you also learn, then you are still travelling on the journey to Perfection.

The forest trees lay back, into the open fields of learning once again, here the two travellers walked into the light, the light embraced them, and held their ways into the future the future that as they knew would be a journey of trials, to themselves and all that they touched.

That they would need to embrace this knowledge, that they may also attain the things that are needed by all, at all different levels of being.
To be in perfection, and to know it as such, is a complete state, it is imperfect to be there, and not to know, this is then the perfection we all seek, it will be as the eternal light, then we must just embrace its ways and travel on.

Any way it is time to leave these words as they are.
The Great Bear said “You and I are to become one with the earthly creatures, as we travel on towards the light on their pathway.

The Great Bear lifted his head to the sky, he smiled at the knowledge gained as he travelled on.
He promised his friend that he would speak again soon.
The Great Eagle screamed at him, in laughter of the free spirit, that he knew was held inside his friend

Part 17 ~ Just Flying

The Great Bear walked along the steep path, which led him to the domain of his friend, he thought of his friend and there he was, in his element of air, freedom and of vision.
He needed to talk of the old days when the spirit was free and the people understood the ways they would walk.

The Eagle spread its soul to the ways of the air, greeting his friend with a rush of air warming his soul, easing the furrow from his brow.
The Eagle cried with joy, flow my wind, flow with me to the heights of my domain we will see there, things only spoken of in the days of our fathers, then we can walk together.

We will talk of the times we would love, a love of our inner selves so deep that the Oceans cried, the love that was for all man, the wind whispered to his wings it was forever, the Great Bear listened to the wind.

There beneath lay the remains of a lost time, scattered sparks flowing over the land, sparks of lost souls, who lost their ways sparks that held a trust of the pure beings.
There were many of them that held the world in their hands, it needed a new growth, a new fire.

We the eagles would carry the word to the creatures of the land, for they in their age had forgotten how to talk to each other.
The wind sighed to the wings, and let the eagle rest, held aloft for all to see that he was the messenger of the pure ones, would they hear him.

The eagled turned and let the wind go, as it sailed to its sanctuary in the highest mountains, there he would be held by the very fabric of the earth, the true rocks, where it would always build his home.
Below, on the path, the Great Bear lifted its head, and sighed that it could only walk with the word.

If only I could fly would echo through his mind, if only I could fly! Then the whisper came to him as it always did, “You do fly my friend ” You fly with a Spirit that is true for all time.
As in your age you have learned of these things, you have strived to become pure.
Shaking his massive head he accepted the ways of old, and returned to the rest of his ways on the earth.

Part 18 ~ The Eagle’s Eyes

The great Eagle lifted off from his resting place high on the mountain, to fly for me is the journey I chose he screamed, to fly with the air holding me.

The great bear chose the earth to hold his frame.
What do you choose fellow traveller that hugs the ground?
I see you walking with the earth to hold you, as I reach for the clouds.

It would be grand for you to see things as I do, it would surprise you should I tell.
As my eyes are the eyes of the soul, that see all things there below.
I see your life’s journey as you gather yourself in all forms, taking many paths that lead to the same distant light.

It is so wonderful that you travel so, although being arduous and hard, it enhances the spirit.
It drives you to a higher level; I see the wounds that you have to your spirit, that are made by all things as you travel on in your own mind.

But lift your eyes and begin to see that the journey is of the spirit, more so than the body you carry.
You have taken on yourself the pain of being, and it is a hard task, that you would travel so, to improve your spiritual self.

It is in its own way an enhancement to your spirit.
Then as you have chosen, then you shall be, only know that in seeing the real light that you are walking toward, will make your journey a wonderful thing.

Cast off the woes of the yesterday, where you did this and that, cloak your ways in the love of others, and the purity of being as the inner self, the inner self that becomes the reward of your journey’s so near the earth.

Learn to fear only those things that are not pure in your thoughts as you meet those that travel with you.
Give to them all the things that would sustain you on your way, talk to them in the manner of a beloved one.
Be whole with their way should it differ from your way, ask not only of them, but of your inner self, so that the truth of purity can rule the pathway.

Lift up your eyes to where I am watching over you, and feel that we are one with all.
I am but a thought away as I watch over you, as your loved ones that trod the earth before.

I saw them there that they played in many ways, to reach out, not knowing what they touched.
But for you now who has been told that there are others, and then on again, to the enlightened ones that seek only the pure spirit.
That you are aware of the truth in differing ways the journey will be harder.

From here to see what you seek, and to know that you are aware now of what you seek, and need to be, this will make the journey harder for you.

To know of a goal, and to find it, is so much harder than just travelling on, in that you have to be all you need to be, to return to the beginning.
I will leave you now to play with the wind, call me, as you need me, I am there always.

But for you now who has been told that there are others, and then on again, to the enlightened ones that seek only the pure spirit.
That you are aware of the truth in differing ways the journey will be harder.

From here to see what you seek, and to know that you are aware now of what you seek, and need to be, this will make the journey harder for you.

To know of a goal, and to find it, is so much harder than just travelling on, in that you have to be all you need to be, to return to the beginning.

I will leave you now to play with the wind, call me, as you need me, I am there always.

The Eagle

Part 19 ~ Soul Mates

The great Bear walked out into the light to greet his friend, his friend appeared as he always did in the splendid dress of the plains Indians.

A question to you my friend he thought, as they walked together, “The ones that walk near to the ground, need to understand the words of the soul, in that they ask of their soul mates and who they are?

The Indian thought for a while, as the quest of those that asked was a hard one to complete.
“It is so hard to understand infinity in the physical world, and things that never end, are a little harder to think on in that state”.

He laughed, and said that the beginning of all things were as one, and that the journey’s of the Spirit and that of its human shell are eternal, there to become part of another is for all time.

From the beginning of time the journeys of the Spirit world have in their own way caused a separation from the original form, which in itself is a lesson indeed.

We say that most of your journeys my old friend are to learn new things from all the lessons of life, even those in Spirit of the highest level make these journeys to find a quiet within themselves, also to find on the Earth Plain some of their original beings.

It is a sharing that is of a purity where in its Earthly plain becomes something felt, but not held, something you are aware of, but cannot see, where an understanding of another’s ways becomes light itself, and is bathed in by mutual consent.”

The Great Bear smiled as he did and reflected that, now, how do I pass this on to those that hug the Earth in their present form, that they may understand the words you speak?.
The soul mate is a part of you that has once again passed within your time.

You will always know them as they draw near; it is, as it has always been, the sharing of one light that makes that light so wonderful, you will sense the overlapping feelings that come over you.

It runs deeper than life itself, as remember that life is but a passing thing, your soul mate is forever.

The Great bear also thought that it was not necessary for you to bring in the Earth feelings and joining, that in your time here was sometimes part of your ways.

The soul mate is there to be, and to enjoy, as the meeting and joining of one spirit with another in their rightful place, in the completed picture of all things.

The Indian laughed at his simplicity and told him, that to understand of anything that was of both worlds at the same time was a hard task, and sometimes had to be just accepted on the Earth plain.

We had better talk of other things then the Great Bear thought to his friend.

We will walk into the quiet, where the light is at its best my old friend the Indian said as they journeyed on.

The Great Bear

Part 20 ~ Moving Times

The great Bear found himself reflecting on the middle years that we may travel through, as he had reflected on the beginning of things, which then leads on to the middle times.
What of the middle years that most of us will recall as a large space after learning and putting into effect things learnt.
The great bear reflected on this time when things seemed to be, coming to a point where the material world was at its best, and the physical being was at its height of life, and thoughts of the inner self seemed to be at rest with the universe.
To be in such a state was so good, so what of the future if the present was so perfect in its being.
This perfection in itself was imperfect, it was therefore a space in time for a reflection of the ways of all things, and to believe that a peak had been reached in ones existence, now it was time to work at reality. If you find out that you appear to be at rest in contentment he pondered, you have become to inward looking; and full of your own being, this is where the imperfection lays and it will become heavy on your ways. Look outside of your own life and seek out others that need a part of your assumed perfection and give to them the contentment you feel, give to them the love of a child or creature that is unconditional.
Seek out those that are having a hard journey on the path of life, and give to them the tranquillity of your ways, hold them in your embrace, this will bring tears to your eyes, give them the love you hold for your own perceived perfection, then there you will see that even your perfection has moved further along the path of life, so then take their hand in yours, and join them once again in striving for the perfection of life’s journey.
Now you have it the Great Bear thought, you have a point that moves, no matter how you perceive your own ways, as your journey in life is not a self conceived thing, it is a journey of companionship, and love for all those you will meet along the way, a voyage of discovery. Where one day, or at some place in the ages of being, here, or on the universal plain; there with all the others, you will be perfection.
This is where the meaning of being, and where Alpha reaches out and touches Omega becoming one with all.

Part 21 ~ The Feelings

The light came into the Great Bears eyes from within so that he could now see the real reason for the ways of the universe.
The light crowded his mind so that it ached to be free and wander then the realisation that it was the spirit that was with the light, that made the journey begin the spirit became a neutral being, in that it held no ground but purity with its energy it flew on into the now, taking with it the reason of being forever.
To feel around in such a gentle way was a new beginning to the journey that reached out to perfection The great Bear shook his mighty head as if to clear his mind but to no avail as his mind was with the spirit to look within my own ways and see the light there, was a lifetime in its being.
Where all things were in balance with the spirit, and the beginning of the joining was about his frame it is confusing even to the great Bear, as he balanced the things that had passed in his ways, with the things that were to be reckoned with forever.
How to be in spirit, and to conceive the troubles of the physical form where the spirit was forever, seemed in its self a task that a mere being was not capable of.
What am I doing to be so, in looking he felt the vastness of spirit.
It is to find my purpose, and where to look was the feeling that pulsed within his ways. “Find me” it cried in a gentle voice within his soul.
“Find me and be at peace with all you do from this now.”
The Great Bear cleared his mind of all things, and found there in the silence of a beginning, was a spirit so strong that it could build the universe by just thinking of its creation.
What of now it came to him in gentle waves? What of now? That we try to manage things, which are sometimes to obscure to the mind to be real, in that they are a task that only the Angels would take on. The Great Bear accepted the way of things and walked on with a powerful love of all things.

Part 22 ~ I Hold You

The great bear walked the path of now
There through the trees came a light
It held his pace for a second or two
He became aware of the form within the light
What are you to be so different in my eyes
What are you that you would bother to light my ways
The reply came as the touch of air from a birds wing
We are here to be with you, we are here to be
The great bear paused on his journey

Where are you from he asked in awe of such beauty and quiet touch?
We are from within, was the reply, we are from within
We are you but you did not see us there,
We are you when all things are wrong with the world
We are you when there is a place that you fear
We are there also when you give out love

At this the great bear felt an inner stir
As if he had been brushed inside with the Eagles wings
He heard the voices again there inside
He tried to listen but it seemed it was more feel
The voices breathed with the air of always and he heard
These things you will know of us as we can now tell
You could not see before as you did not want to see
That is why now that you need to feel that we are here for you

We change as the leaves on the trees do in colour
But not in our grasp on life things
These are eternal and they are yours always
The great Bear asked of them as a gentle breeze
What things do you need of me, on my journey?
The thoughts of journey’s far flowed over his great form

It has been a long journey to find you he stirred
And for you to find us, seemed to move within him
It showed him all he had done in an instant of quiet peace
We have travelled with you forever
Why now, he asked in quiet tones, why now?
It is that you now can see the things you understand
And understand the things you see
This flowed around him as he talked.
Your eyes are looking within all things
There you can now see the life force
That is eternal and free to all
This held him in its eternal grasp with such love
He could but only feel a part of all things
Now that you can be as all things
Came the thought of the light

We ask only of you these things
That you go out and teach to all you meet in quiet tones
That they may learn of life without a fear of being alive
And without harm to their own being
For one day they will need to awake as you
The great bear lifted his head to the light of his path to be.
Embracing himself in the love of all things he journeyed on

Part 23 ~ A Beginning

The great Bear lifted his head toward the sky, there above him dwelt the timeless pattern of stars, as far as was possible to be.
He would stretch out and look at these things within the realms of his mighty being. There his thoughts told him was where infinity dwelt, as a silence within a void. Where the void with its glow, eternally pulsed Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end here he thought was where man in his limited human form and ways cannot be or see the truth. For infinity has no place for time or things made in any form like man. Here was purity placed inside purity, he could only see here, with the sight of feeling, or being, as all around would feel, as infinity brushed his spirit he felt in awe of forever.
Here the glow pulsed for an instant, and fed the great space, which was infinity Born of the voids of timeless distance and space, he could only feel the greatness, and be in wonder as he felt its power.
Infinity stirred, pushing, pulsing, spreading outward, he felt joy, as if being reborn. Here once again pushing itself into the birth of being, a being of all time, where he could only sense that it was there.
The Great Bear could feel infinity, filling the eternal void as it exploded outward, there he felt it contained all, as it was all. The feelings as it pushed into being, was of all feelings ever known, or felt, happening in one moment of time, there was the light, that as it spread outwards gave a meaning to all things, and created life itself, that even the human form could understand.
This beauty was beyond all things, that the Great Bear had ever been. It was this infinite feeling of belonging to all of it. Gave him the eternal love he held for all beings.
The Great Bear was in awe, that he had been a witness, to the timeless ways of creation, turning away, he glanced back to see the close of the times that he had been privileged to witness.
The beauty of all things was; that there was a continuation.
The beautiful light spurred on by its release into all eternity, folded within its own self.
Here Alpha once again reached out its hand to Omega, the beginning touched the end.
The Great Bear smiled, and knew that he had just seen everything in one span of eternity, as he walked toward his future, past.

Message from The Great Bear,
Thanks you all for being just you in the times gone by, and for you to continue on the pathway of life here on earth, to hold out your hand to those you meet on that pathway as they are a part of you in everything you are.
Give into your inner self that yearns for you all to be as one in the eternity of time.
The times of learning on this present pathway may be strewn with things that at the time may seem to be a burden even to your soul.
But as you journey on toward the joy of being you will then realise that all things that are put in your way are but a joy of being able to learn.
In next few years as we walk together will bring all things to many people, but now you should be able to see and feel that we are travelling this path together and in that togetherness we share all things this will lessen the burden on each of us in just that we know.
The next few years have been foretold as being full of changes for us all, but it is not for us to know it is for us to be in the now as this is the real time to our present state.
In our now’s we will be held by our own ways, but just believe that in our own now we are able to share all things making each task a lighter one.
Look to your friends as you journey on seek out the light that shines within them and you for all time.
I will be with you all in your own now as each of us joins together to complete our earthly tasks, these things will be within the light.
See me and “us” all within you, as your journey is taken, walk with us all in the light for a better tomorrow.