One Love Two Worlds


One Love – Two Worlds


Ian T Howard

Illustrations by

Tracey Bishop

Edited by Richard Robichaud

Dedicated to Robert Louis Milnes

1940 ~ 2010

Copyright © 2010

All rights reserved – Ian T Howard

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Authors Profile

I was born in the village of Hawkeridge, Wiltshire, England, in March 1942 into a family of six. One memory of those early years can be dated to June 6th 1944; I remember the sky filled with aircraft, by this time our family was due another baby; we would then be Mother and Father with four boys and four girls, so you can guess that we had a great time. Though our style of life was limited to our income, I could read at the very early age of three. I think that this was the grounding for my imagination and the ability to write. My writing started more during my senior school years with the entry of one of my “bits”, as I call them, into the school magazine, which was at Matravers School of Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England.

I joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 15 and started writing in an exercise book. This I still have; one of my poems there is called “The Valley”, written from early days of playing around the countryside, when a small hole in the ground became a canyon. Over the years of writing and changes in life, I had my own family who grew up around me, then a parting, as some families do. The passing of my parents, one sister and a brother, also had an influence on my thoughts. I then remarried into a loving state, which has a Spiritualist connection; my writing has evolved into a wide variety of works that reflect my interpretation of the things around, not only in a factual way but a spiritual way. Sometimes these have a philosophical outlook with a soul to each and everything.

This book is written from actual recordings of mainly Sadie, but also some of her friends, who talk to me through my wife, who is a Spiritual Medium and this I record on to audio tape. These tapes have been adapted into series of stories where they talk to Granddad. This is the first of a series of books that are written in love for the world and what lies beyond; which, as I find out more, becomes a place of such beauty with no bounds and an eternal love of all things. As you read you will also feel the love of Sadie and the glow she brings each time we talk.

Ian T Howard

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This book has been written using information which has been channeled between the “Two Worlds” that is the “Spirit” world and this physical world. I have been channeling the spirits for many years, but have mainly had children wanting to talk to me and explain how children live in this other world. When I married my now husband Ian, being a writer, he saw that the material coming through would make a wonderful series of books to bring out the imagination of children but also help them to understand that there is no such thing as death and dying, that life can and does continue, but in a different way.

I am hoping that this book will be the first of many and that they will help children express themselves through thought process, and use their own imaginations, to expand on what they read, forever.

Lady Anne Milnes-Howard

International Spiritual Medium


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Sadie Arrives

Granddad and Grandma lived in a beautiful cottage in the country. It had a lovely garden that Granddad loved to be in. The house was where Grandma worked, she kept it all tidy and clean. She would spend a lot of time in her kitchen cooking; while she cooked she would remember things she had done before, sometimes it would feel as if her memories of before were a minute ago. They had lived at the house for more years than they cared to remember; making the house and garden a picture that they both fitted into, as they grew with it. The flowers seemed to be as gentle as their thoughts and the house had a magic peace that came from each room, where Grandma had made it so, with her love and understanding. They lived in what seemed a world that time had forgotten, as these places always appeared in old films that were mostly in black and white. There the contrast ended, as the house and garden had colours of its own as if a rainbow had spilt itself there, but it was hard to see where the colour was coming from. Granddad would spend most of his time in his garden. As usual one evening he said, “I am off to the garden” smiling and blowing her a kiss. Granddad was busy in his garden, talking to his flowers, and plants; he didn’t notice the gate at the bottom of the garden open; in came a smallish girl of about twelve.


Her golden hair flowed out each side of her hat, and on her face, was the most beautiful smile, even the flowers seemed to bow towards her. She started talking to him, she chattered on about his flowers, as if she had known Granddad forever. After a while, Granddad asked her who she was and where she came from, “I am Sadie”, she chuckled, going on to say that she helped little children. She asked him if he would like to come and see the place she had made for the children.  Granddad couldn’t understand what this beautiful little girl was talking about. It felt strange that she had seemed to appear from nowhere. Sadie said she often heard him talking to the flowers, also to his family that had left him to journey on. She also said that she would watch Grandma in the kitchen. Granddad smiled at this and thought, “How could she do that?” She also told him that she looked after other children “I have made a lovely area for them over there” At which she pointed to the garden gate. “It’s for the children to play, and be happy, so they aren’t frightened” She told him how she would go and find children that were lost. Sadie said to Granddad that she could hear them when they were in trouble. Granddad said he would be so overjoyed to see the place Sadie had told him about. Sadie skipped around him laughing out loudly and eventually took his hand. Now Granddad had held children’s hands before, but this was different. The little hand made him feel an overwhelming love for all things. Not that he would think ill of anyone, but it was so powerful and beautiful. Sadie walked with him to the garden gate, and the gate opened, as if to welcome them. Sadie gently led Granddad through the gate at the bottom of his garden, out into a meadow along a gently winding path, which he hadn’t seen before. The meadow was covered in all sorts of Beautiful wild flowers, many that Granddad remembered from when he was young. Sadie took Granddad along the grassy winding path to where there was a beautiful bridge.

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The bridge seemed to arc across the stream with a joining on the other side that glowed. It was made of wood that bounced as you walked across, as if helping you to cross over. Sadie had told Granddad that this was known as Pooh Bridge by the children. It was because the children did just that, they would be there dropping their sticks in one side, then running across the bridge, to see whose stick was first. Sadie said that the laughter was something to see, all the colours and feelings that the children threw out from the bridge as they played. Granddad thought it strange about the colours, but just accepted it as so. The stream was just like silver, and seemed gentle as it flowed. Across the beautiful bridge Sadie led him past two lovely houses, one a bungalow, which Sadie said a lovely lady called Sally lived in; it was the one thing she had always wanted in her life. The other a thatched cottage, called Rose Cottage, according to the sign on its gate. Sadie said that the lovely people that lived there were away for a while. They then walked along the side of the lovely woods that were there, Granddad just thought that everything was so different. There were many colours so soft and bright, some he had not seen before. There was a pause in Sadie’s talk, as if she was listening to someone; Sadie said to Granddad that Tuo was calling her, though Granddad heard nothing. Sadie said in a gentle voice that she would have to leave, as she was needed. Sadie told him that he could visit there, as and when he wanted to, she also said that the children would come and talk to him. All you have to do is walk down your garden path and think of Sadie, then the way to the woods and the area would be there for him to walk to. At this Granddad had found himself back in his own garden, nothing seemed to have changed except that he felt so much love inside. He shook his head smiled, and said thank you to all the things around him, then he walked up to the house to go in doors to have his tea.

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Granddad visits alone.

The very next day Granddad walked to the bottom of his garden, there he stood by his garden gate thinking of the day before, remembering what a lovely dream he thought he had yesterday. As he thought of Sadie, the gate gently swung open; this made him jump a little, because there was the meadow where they had walked with all the wild flowers growing, the buttercups and daisies and many others he saw yesterday. Sadie had told Granddad that this is where the children spent hours making daisy chains, and sometimes they made buttercup chains, the buttercup chains are made for their friends that are too big for daisy chains. Sadie hadn’t told him what friends were too big and left it at that. Granddad walked across the meadow to the wooden bridge.  He crossed the bridge where the whole area became really beautiful, it was as if it sent out a feeling that brought the scene deep inside with a feeling of love that made Granddad happy and seemed to lift his spirits a lot. On the right there was a ball pit for the children, with rainbow coloured balls that seemed to float around as if held by the breeze. There was a sandpit for the younger children, with sand that was the most beautiful golden colour. All the colours seemed to be glowing and warm wherever Granddad looked. There was a smallish lake stretching out toward a waterfall. The lake was for the children to swim in; Sadie had told him. The children seemed to be away at the moment, then he remembered that Sadie had said that they all go to the Lyceum, which was their name for a school, the children all attended lessons, “So that’s where they are,” he thought. A little further up the waterfall it seemed to let the water fall as soft rain, the water looked as if it was made of silver silk.

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To the left Granddad saw Sally’s Bungalow. Sadie had told him she had the most beautiful garden a person could ever wish for, with all the flowers in full bloom. Sadie had told him that he could go and see Sally.  Sadie also said that she would come to the door, offering him a cup of tea with two sugars; if you are really, really, lucky, Sally will make you some special lemonade and some little cakes. Sadie had said that the lemonade and cakes were for the children that would visit her. Granddad could see a track along the side of Sally’s bungalow, but Sadie had told Granddad that it is too far for him to go. Rose cottage, was next to Sally’s, and as Sadie said the person that lives there is away at the moment on a journey some place, but would be there later, then he could meet them. Granddad walked on past Rose Cottage along by the beautiful woods to where it curved around to the path by the waterfall. From Rose cottage, back round to the waterfall is the lovely play area between the woods and the lake. On the right, the woods had trees from everywhere that Granddad could remember; unlike other woods, it is a friendly place and you can walk there as you wish. Sometimes the bird songs will join you, or you can sit in the open glades with a quiet that is like a duvet of softest silk at the edge of the woods. Looking out over the pools and waterfall towards the mountain, Granddad saw that a seat had been placed at the edge of the woods facing the waterfall and lake area.  The seat was like none that Granddad had seen before, or sat on. Seemingly made of the most beautiful timber or something that looked like timber, looking soft and inviting as none before, as if carved from the most beautiful tree you could think of. Granddad sat down on the seat, and it was like belonging to the earth and sky and all the things in between. He heard Sadie laugh in the distance somewhere and her little voice seemed to speak inside of him; “The seat is for you Granddad, to sit on while talking to the children or whoever passes by while you are here.” Granddad thought, this is so wonderful, I will come and talk with Sadie and the children, maybe others sometimes, whoever the others would be, thought Granddad.

Picture 5

I will ask if it is ok to bring Grandma here he thought; with that there was a whisper inside his head that sang, “Yes Granddad, you are both so very welcome here” It sounded like Sadie softly calling, but the thought of Grandma closed the gate behind Granddad and he walked happily up the garden path to tell Grandma.

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Granddad and Grandma’s Visit

Granddad was so thrilled that Grandma could visit the places that Sadie had shown him the days before, so off they both went to the bottom of the garden, and as they approached the gate Granddad called Sadie’s name. The gate swung open to greet them both and they walked slowly through. Granddad showed Grandma all the things, the meadow, the bridge, then along past Sally’s bungalow and Rose Cottage, Grandma was so overjoyed at being there and the love of all the things she saw seemed to bounce around as if a rainbow had flown past them. They arrived at the Seat and it held them both as if it was part of them. The waterfall seemed to make soft music as the waters floated down, not as it seemed daring to splash, but a little one here and there caught the sun and sent out a spray of colour that whispered to the light, I need you, the light obeyed and ran with the spray, making it full of rainbow sparkles. “Jello”! “Yello”! “I love Yellow” a little sing song brought them both out of the dream they were enjoying. “Hello Sadie” Granddad said and introduced her to Grandma, as the little girl plonked herself between them on the seat in a flurry of fluffy yellow material, her bright golden hair floated around her impish face in beautiful ringlets. Sadie laughed and said “Did I frighten you? As you both seemed to be sleeping.”  “I was watching the waterfall little one” he said “it just captured my thoughts” Grandma just smiled and nodded “Dreaming, Dreaming” Sadie shrilled. “But we have things to see today Granddad, I thought it was time that you both met our group here, then you will know who’s who.” she laughed. “You know Sadie” she laughed,” It’s me with Jello!  Yellow! That is my favourite colour, everything is lovely yellow, I love Yellow!” she said to Granddad and Grandma “As it is like sunshine”.

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“Here comes our Charlie, he was our channel’s little boy but never touched the earth plane as a boy, but has growed up here with us; he talks to his Mummy a lot of the time but plays here with the others. Now he is 7 or 8, can’t tell really with his mop of golden hair, he is loved by all that meet him, he has grown so well with us.” A broad smile grew across Charlie’s face as he sent out a bundle of love that swept over Sadie and both of them, “Hello” he smiled and it seemed so lovely and warm it just flowed around them. He sat on the seat with them and the seat now seemed larger and curved a little so that they could see him properly without having to turn, or that was the impression it gave. A lovely girl walked up to them there, and Sadie said, “This is Julie; she belonged to a lady that is the niece of our channel, and stayed on the earth plane for a week and then returned to us here. There is always a reason for the little ones to return, but that is of tomorrow things when all things are made clear to those that are of the earth plane. These are all lessons and teachings she said softly.” Julie stood tall and so beautiful in her way with flowing Blonde hair, but the thing that stood out, was that Julie was wearing a beautiful pair of black patent leather shoes. Julie said “Hello you must be Granddad and Grandma” as proper as could be. Sadie had told them that Julie was one to be correct in her ways, it was just so and they all loved her for it, as they loved all the children. Julie was also around 8 to 9 years old in appearance. Julie sat at the end where the seat curved for her to sit, holding her just so.

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The children went a little quiet as up walked a young boy. Sadie said to Granddad and Grandma “This is Robert he seems to be 5 or 6, but age is nothing to worry about. Robert doesn’t talk as we do, for as long as we have known him he has never said a word in any Language, but he “think” talks, he is being taught how things are done here as he goes to school with the others.” Then, walking on the grass with a big smile was a boy of about five, wearing a tweedy jacket of rough texture and a kilt that was black, green and red, with tartan socks poking out of his Bobby Shafto shoes, all topped off with a Tam O’ Shanter hat, impishly placed on the side of his head. This is David, he used to play and talk with our Lady when she was a young girl. He would visit her as Sadie has visited you, but as they were both young, it was just to play. With that, David sat on the grass in front of Granddad and Grandma.


“Here is the last of our children, but not the least” Sadie said, approaching us was a beautiful young girl from what they thought was the early Victorian age, about the 1820’s, wearing a little bonnet that made her ringlets spill out from under the brim, and a little way down to her shoulders, “This is Rebecca “, Sadie said  “Hello Rebecca” they said “Hello Grandma and Granddad” she replied with a slow, deliberate voice that seemed to be as soft as silk. Sadie told them that Rebecca couldn’t talk when they first met, and that she had taught her to talk and ‘think’ talk. Rebecca told them that she was from a long time ago, and was lost for a while, until Sadie came and fetched her, since then, she has stayed with Sadie and the others, “I am growed” she said “I am 8 and a half, going on 9 and a half. We stay together, together here and help all the children we meet, as they arrive here with us, or if Sadie has to fetch them”. Granddad and Grandma left the fetching bit alone and accepted all that the little girl said.


The children became quiet and just glowed, there walking toward them was an Indian, from North America, he was so tall and moved smoothly as he came up to the seat. On his head was a Great Bears head dress, which made him seem much taller. A few steps behind him, there walked a very large bear that radiated colours and warmth,” I welcome you both” the Indian said, with a booming voice that seemed to echo around the Valley. “I am Running Bear. I am the Spirit guide to our Lady, also the keeper of our children here; you are Granddad and Grandma, and now you are also Granddad and Grandma to all our children; I see that our Sadie has made you comfortable in your new seat, may you spend many hours in our light and ways, with the understanding that it is pure love that makes the building blocks of all you see and become aware of.” With that, Running Bear shimmered in the light and faded into the distance with a wave of colour that gave them both such a feeling of belonging and love they could only accept, yet not fully understand. The children laughed and Granddad and Grandma knew they had picked up their lack of understanding, as they sent them warming thoughts to quiet any questions. Sadie said to them that they had not noticed, Shuma had gone to a nearby tree and settled down to sleep, “Shuma”

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so that was the name of the great bear that came in with Running Bear, “Yes that’s him”, she whispered, “you will find him here somewhere”. He wanders around to see that all is well. He is the companion of RB.” She said RB, they understood was the shortened name for Running Bear. “Shuma is there for the children to be able to cuddle and feel protected by his presence. If they are uneasy about something, he is there, and sometimes they seem to just cuddle him, as I do. Sometimes we all play games with him, as you both will see” Sadie said. The light seemed to be fading around them, and Granddad said to Grandma that it was time that they returned home, so they both bid the children goodnight and thanked them for being there to meet them. “Night, Night” the children chorused with colours tingling from their voices, forgetting that they had said there was no night there unless they thought it so. Granddad and Grandma walked a little way from the seat, and there the garden gate opened and let them through, then they just accepted that all they had to do was walk up the garden into their cottage, the evening was a lovely Summer warm with a hint of cool breeze, that seemed to have a voice on it that saying “night Granddad, night Grandma” drifting through, sweetly, like Sadie’s voice.

Good Night Sadie.

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