To sleep

To sleep within the folds,
of a thousand butterfly wings
Walk with me through,
the gates of meadows green
Come lay by my side, look at the stars
There the vastness of space
We can fill with such lovely things

A whisper from one love that’s memory
Is vivid in your mind to echo
To echo through crystal hall to say I love you
Over and over again

Walk within those halls call the names
Of those you love or have loved
They will echo to tell you that they
Are just passing not lost in eternity

Paint your rainbow portraits with crystal glass
Hold faces of friends there in colorful hues
Let not one shape be lost in dreams
There we can see more clearly than in reality

Run with the streams of energy flows
This way and that to take your spirit so
Be whole with the passage of time in dreams
Take to yourself the vision of youth

Fill the canyons of your mind with laughter
Taken not from maybe times
But times when the world stood still
To say, I am here is so lovely to be

Take with your dreams the flowers of fun
To touch with your soul,
to feel the beauty they hold
Feel also the fragrance that melts.
Into the corners of your soul

Bringing with it the touch of velvet joy
To awaken the feelings of being one
Of being one with the world around you
Cling now with the wings of softness

To the sleep that brought you there so carefully
Release your touch of sleeping times
Keep in mind that there are places to be
That are free, as each wave in the sea, for you

For you, yes you, to rest with me
In this rest of eternity

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