Great Rainbow Serpent

The giver of life,
collusion with death
source of water,
spirit of infernal storms

My great Mother and Father

How would he speak to lowly me
I had heard him speak about the ages.
In a crescendo as storms raged
Oh giver of life I pleaded
your words, a sonic symphony.

It came to me as the storm raged
“Beware that you give my dues,
he spoke to me in wind filled fury”

“Love my land that I loaned you
the storms are my domain,
hear my whistling scream approach
I reside amongst you in all waters.
my Spirit belongs to the Earth”

This said through tangled wreckage
He spoke to me of a sadness that
touched the people he so loved.
“What has gone wrong with your ways,
that my storms of the ages
have become too much for you”?

I rule the mighty Cyclones
That have caressed your shores
elevating you above all creatures
you were as a crawling fish.
when first I reared up for you,
would I not batter the land”

“My children let the waters flow
I sense that you now stand on hills,
those places made from greed
old ways you have abandoned,
displaying to me, your weak Spirit

You could not even write of me
there should be a written word
to hold the secrets of the years,
Not so my faint hearted people
you have forgotten even me
this was your greatest error”

“I am your life in the waters,
do you not hear me anymore,
above the noises of motors?
Your bright incandescent lights?.
“You have even covered my land,
A hard blackness is this my dues.
where your noisy machines,
carry you or fly you to far places”.

“Have you forgotten I let you move,
through and around my lands.
this land was good to you.
where we would play to each other,
whispering the melodies of life,
dancing as the great sun fell.

This you have also forgotten,
now you have greed in your ways
My waters have turned black.
they reflect the night’s coldness
“Beware of the old times my children,
Just be aware that I am here.

I am in all the waters of your ways.
rocks that you make your shelters from,
I will still shelter you,
if only you could see again”.
The storm passed me by

Sounds of life returned to my ears,
a silence also spread across the land
The Rainbow Serpent rested once more
awaiting mans truths, to be displayed,
In the Great Dream Time……

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