Come Visit Me 140612



I have returned from tasks anew
To the sanctuary that I know
Where all the universe folds for me
Friend’s dropping in for a cup of tea.

Eternity seems out of reach to us
Mere mortals, made from the dust
Here where all thoughts live again
Their power on this Earth plain

Your thoughts have been noted,
The children oft’ times tell me so
Sadie will let me know who is coming.
To join me when it is time to help them.

You are but a thought away they say.
You have too many tasks to do
A love that smoulders in one’s heart,
That will have to wait for you

You can join me in my place of rest.
Reach out with us here for eternity
Watch through the glass into the peace
Tell me that you can see all things

There are young ones watching us
Through the openness of my cave.
Now drift as gossamer among the stars
Across the space, dividing the now.

Glass that you can only dream of,
Crystals glow within its structure,
Where each star can be held within
Held as a child holds a dream

Planets drift away the evenings,
Gentle glows ebb and flow around
Holding you to your dreams always
Healing warmth encases your form

As day comes the glass is fire opal.
Changing to rhythmic dancing lights
Hear the music as aged as the spheres.
No need to rest energy just changes

Healing lets me drift with the universe,
Sending rainbows to your dreams.
You choose, as each of us are different,
I suspect lavender clouds to some

Reflections of the children looking in,
their warm smiles holding your dreams.
See the beauty of all the people there
Never forget people looking for you.

Out you must go as soon as possible
The event will cause the heavens to cry.
I shall watch the future with a big grin
Before you come back, we will be there

Sorting things out if it’s necessary.
A choice you must make one day.
A love smouldering in one’s heart,
They will wait until you are better

Dwelling in a lovely place of peace.
Let us then enjoy the Now.
So much to do and I can’t do it all
Eternity is out of reach to us mortals.

Your needs have been noted,
These things are but a thought away.

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