A New Zealand Journey


I couldn’t hold those ones I knew
there I had to fly northward true
a beach laid out as our stories tell
its course I ran to a place I knew well

Making haste gathering thoughts
did I know of things gone by
where I should have listened
not made someone cry?

Then other things came to me
As on I flew just by the sea
of a love I had and was so true
then the tear I had, as it was you

This feeling of flying along the sands
the memories of me in many lands
a lonely traveler I was back then
this time the journey will never end

I see the beach is curving now
A sparse clad stone small somehow
It holds my feet in love to be
as I launch myself over the sea

The Northern waves let me fly
now I know that we don’t die
a peace descended on my soul
as this spirit did homeward go

If you are scared of things to be
Call my name, I will fly with thee


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