Young Wolf


Young Wolf

You are part of the whole
A sigh in the wind
The howl of the lone Wolf
The senses of the deer,
We are all parts of this.

Feelings waver in their intensity
That footprint in the snow
The move of the ocean
Parts you can feel.

Many poets find it hard to feel
Outside of their realm,
they become lost.
You have an ability,
to mingle with everything.

Even the harsh sounds of a scream.
Will be calmed in you thinking
I am glad that you are here with us.
Many can cling to your words.
Feel the footsteps of many lives
in ways not seen before.

I shall try in my writing
to bring my part of the whole
and maybe all will learn.
I sit naked in the house of my forefathers,
They give to me a touch of forever.
The dreams of tomorrow
and the now of my being,
to be wrapped in their love.

Your words are a sanctuary for a few
and a learning curve for many.
Take care young Wolf
Soon the days will become longer.
Then we can walk abroad in fresh pastures.

This is a note to the lone Wolf we all love.
Ian .T

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