Lavender Drift


Lavender Drift

You asked me to show you the place I knew.
Where Spirits played, and old friends grew.
I have told you of this place before,
but once again I shall open the door.

I shall wander on from here to there
A few tiny things I will have to prepare
Just think of the most beautiful beach you know
There I will wait to walk with you.
I wait, the thought took my mind as what to do.

I was early, so I played with the scene awhile.
I stripped the sand caressing the bare rocks with love.
Making crystal grains scatter brightly for our stay.
The seas broken waves I quelled to a musical lap.
Adorned the beach with shells the creatures left there.

Mother of pearl glows filled the air, colours twinkled
I hung a soft sun in a blue sky to bathe the shore
I stood with plenty to do, in my best colours for you.
There waiting, though there was no time here.

Wearing a cloak of lavender blue with a shimmering hue,
A handful of unconditional love to see us through.
You have never seen my face, a picture in cyberspace
I put on the one you would think could be me.

A wry smile and such a gentle look, not a single care,
knowing that you would recognise me standing there,
I dulled the brightness for you to be able to see.
There I saw you shimmer in the lavender light.
Us two fluorescent images, one left the other right
you asked before if we could walk and talk

Now you see why before that came to nought.
This is a spirit thing us meeting here in this now,
Floating as we will later do, is something new
this is the spirit world, can’t you tell, abundance of love.
There is no need to be, we are energy set free.

If only those that are of the other world could see
or understand we can do, here this meet of us two.
They would live a better life seeing so many things anew
each thought can build a spirit with love so true.

Let us drift, this realm with thoughts of tranquillity
Come the colours are now perfect, so let us just be.
Here all the flowers and trees, are what we think they are.
Some friends I know from stories I have written before.
Here she comes with smiling face and laughter so.

Calling” Jellow” as we know her so, with such love.
“Hi Sadie” I think, and you feel the depth of her reply
Like joining a rainbows song twirling on high.
“What are you two doing here” I hear her thought.
“Just a journey we had to do, and we shall not stay,
It is to show another how we love and play”

Peace descended within, from those that taught.
Without a sound, as there were no spoken words
our journey out to the beach we made and beyond
too much for us to know, so we flew like a pair of doves
back to the physical world where we had to spread love.

I know in my thoughts that at one time we will return
there’s no hurry as we have many things to learn
of all the things we need in future places I am known
to this eternal place we will always call home.

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