A Joining

A Joining


It is lonely being old
The days of yesteryear flow
There in a mist of time
They were friends of mine

Their faces fade but actions stay
A good deed to me from them
The return of thanks more good
Actions that balance all time

I remember family as it is done
Then friends in order everyone
Even those that walked in shadows
Stirred in eternity I remember them

In truth there are none forgotten?
They made this form I retain
Even if I forget their name
It is those that made me just so

Let me drift into oblivions grip
There the names return to mind
Deeds done nothing left behind
Here we answer to what we are.

Did you expect a judge on that side?
It creases me up and a smile I hide
Do it yourself, as here you cannot lie
then take your place low or high.

I cannot stay here talking to you
I have so many things to do
I will rest later as I journey on
I have to play a rainbows song

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