Hello Again!!


There in the life’s thoughts of others I travel,
A false world that to me is non existent,
This is to me a grand journey I have to do
In their dreams I wander for lost times

There in the distance I see their shadows
Clinging to memories and things left undone
Should I stop and make my own thoughts reality
I guess not as they would bring me sorrow

From a cowering child’s only life and knowledge
To desperate years of being wild nothing to hold
Then to join another, and blame them for my instability
Can I ever recover from this place that bids me ill?

I call to you across the years and no reply
I took to making my own shadow and blamed him
He made me do it, those times when things were bad
Who else, he never hit me, or told me how worthless I was

They are coming for me sometime, when they see
who caused all the troubles brought about by him?
He is becoming desperate now the end time comes.
Not your end time stupid, my end where we become one.

Why can’t you work it out we are the two in one
Chase me for a while it will bring laughter to me
I cannot be hurt as I will hide, my friend will be there
He will not let me suffer as I have done before.

Digit and me have returned from our world’s holiday,
There in the shadows we will lurk, this our journey
I shall wander the reams once again teaching
I will teach my parents that they failed in everything.. \

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