From golden sands

There is a hush as the sea gently flows back and forth
Onto the Golden sands we know
There caught in the light of true feelings
Two people holding on to each other’s soul

Their smiles are as the Angels in the knowledge
Of their being joined, with a trust so true
Laughter is as the babbling mountain stream’s,
As they catch the sun scattering it’s light
Where words are no longer used,

As looks portray, a love of the ages, they have captured
Where the trust of two souls lives on,
In the whirlpools of their ageless time, spent inside
I hold your soul! is the sound echoing across the waters,
I hold your soul! with my love that’s true.

I give to you my all, is the reply
That mimics the echo of two souls held aloft for all to see.
You are a special creature that’s held in this chrysalis state
Waiting for the sun to warm its ways
You will emerge as a beautiful butterfly

Of feelings soon to be free and new, with love to give
Hold on to these places and things
That are sweet to your life’s blood,
And the blood of your life

Hold them close for they and only they can see
Through the veils of time, as I hold your soul
Give only to those that earn your love
With the trust of all things,
Also the trust of bygone days

Give to me the hope that in your future times
There will be us, building for your days of life
Build on sweetest thought of life that you are,
Where the heavens have loaned us one of theirs
Build within the confines of your mind,
So that you are a tower of strength for yours that need

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