“The Wolf Clan”

“The Wolf Clan”

Tribute to the Wolf
  By Yenti | March 8, 2013 | Myths

 I am of the nation
I travel far to find my family
Boundaries have we none
I know you as you know me
My Mother taught me so
I know you,  ” a ni wa ya”
You speak in our tongue
But the words are of another 
I am of the,  “a ni sa ho ni”  people
Yet I listen to you young one
Your clan has been spread
Many left by the wayside
Yet you are still many
The largest arm of our Nation
You are our protectors
The First New Moon of Spring.
Has past and the seven did well.
I will keep food for you till
Green Corn dances the days away,
Of the Stomp, Feather and Buffalo
Not eating, playing games.
Then to be cleansed by the water
To hold our Sacred Prayers
Of seven and four we hold dear
Our seven that scattered to the four
While three levels we retain.
The Owl looks on as the Cougar screams
Our balance is retained therein.
Secretive yet open in their ways
We will dance in a great circle
Then let the Long man take our dreams.
The little people will come if called
They are our Brothers though so small
Hair that sweeps the very chaff
Remember they live in all things.
Guides to lost children they are
As children they play with us.
Bringing happiness to a sad child,
Creating  purpose to the befuddled.
Treat them with respect
Bother them not with silly ways,
Or silly ways will stick in your mind
Should you see them be blessed!
Let not a lose tongue talk of them
As the westerner and his broken mirror
Take seven years to talk of them
Never speak to them after sunset.
Beware of false cures in this life
The Raven Mocker, may be in disguise
Seek only the pure to be cured of ills
Seek not a cure from one that ails
They are a false being in our eyes
Mix today with yesterday to be safe
Only smoke with the fit one
Then drink the waters they give to you
May your ways with the Wolf be many.
I shall read of you in the dens of the Great Bear. 8-1.598-1.4

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